Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun in Guangzhou

We're having a very nice time getting to know Hannah and watching Oliver go crazy for his new sister. There isn't a ton to do in Guangzhou--despite it being a city of 18 million people. It's a big commercial and industrial center that, as Lonely Planet points out, "holds little interest to the tourist. We're mostly entertaining ourselves by eating lots of good Cantonese food, exploring some local parks, and spending a lot of time at the hotel pool. Hannah is a hoot. She seems to be more and more herself every day. Today it's the fifth day since we got here, and she is laughing and smiling and playing and fooling around. She's all smiles whenever we come into the room or pick her up. She is quick to laugh at her brother or one of us. She loves playing games where she pulls a toy from your hands and squeals and babbles and laughs. She is a very sweet and silly little girl. She is eating like a little bear. She goes to town at the hotel's great breakfast buffet, having papaya, bananna, rice, congee, scrambled eggs, noodles, and ham. The other day she ate a whole steamed roll, and she's not shy about telling you when she wants more of something. Oliver is being a great big brother. He always wants to be by her or sit with her. We never have to push her stoller. He's sharing his toys and likes to make her laugh. Tomorrow we're doing a sight-seeing tour in the city, and then over the next few days we'll go to some markets to do some shopping. And we'll keep swimming and exploring. This is a nice hotel but it gets old being stuck here so much. It's kind of a drag that we have to be here for another five days, even though we're mostly done. Connection is spotty so I'm going to publish this post and then publish the pictures in another post.

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