Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here we go

We leave for China in two days. It is completely unbelievable that after waiting 7 years to adopt we will finally be in China by the end of the week. It's seems crazy to say, but this last part has gone fast. Social media and facebook are unreliable and mostly unusable in China so this seems like the best way to let everyone know how we are doing. It's also a good record for us because our trip to Vietnam was such a blur. Oliver likes looking at the blog from his adoption too. Oliver must have heard me talking to someone about it being hard to get online in China because yesterday he asked Anthony why they block google in China. Anthony tried to explain it and than Oliver said well can't we just dig a big hole under google. The name of the blog comes from Oliver's nickname for Hannah. He came up with that name the day we told him that he was going to have a sister. He was so cute that day. As soon as we told him the news he covered his face with his hands and was silent for a couple of minutes. Finally he said he was too hungry to talk about this now so could he have a cookie. After a couple of cookies we showed him her picture and he said she was so cute. After that we started to talk about what we should name her. Immediately he said pinkbird. It comes from Angry bird star wars. We told him that couldn't be her name, but it could be her nickname and since than that is pretty much what he calls her besides our baby and my baby. Just yesterday he asked me what pinkbird's last name was going to be and when I said Licata he said good. This way she really will be our baby.


  1. Safe travels, will be thinking of you and I look forward to seeing pinkbird in your arms!!! Love that name by the way, Oliver did well!:)

  2. Just great!
    We wish you much happiness, and we hope to see you soon.

    Hassan and family.