Wednesday, May 22, 2013

turning point

Today was such a good day. Hannah really seems to have come around. She has been laughing and either babbling or speaking in Chinese a lot. I think the turning point came this morning at breakfast when we fed her some real food. She loved bananas, noodles, and french fries. Oliver said I think she finally likes us. Oliver is so into Hannah. It's been such a surprise. I knew he would be helpful, but I never thought about how much he would enjoy her. He always wants to be with her. Yesterday when she took a nap he wanted to lay in his bed so she wouldn't be scared in the bedroom. We told him he had to be quiet. I figured it would last 2 minutes, but he stayed in there for a hour completely awake. He always wants to sit next to her, stand next to her, check on her, and just be with her. At lunch yesterday he kept correcting the way I was playing with her. He didn't think she liked the way I was holding the toy. He has been a only child for his whole life so I thought he was going to have issues about sharing his time with us. He always wants her around. So far (fingers crossed) she's a good sleeper and the last one up. Every morning Oliver thinks she has had enough sleep and we should just get her up. When we say no he'll say than can I at least go look at her. It's very sweet. I'm going to post a bunch of pictures. Some of the quality isn't so good because they are from Anthony's iphone. Hannah really likes to hold onto things. At first it was a rattle and now it is a billy club. The club is from Oliver's police officer set. She looks so funny walking through the hotel with this billy club or sitting in her stoller with it. They made us take it away for her passport picture.


  1. Thanks for the updates. Keep the pictures coming.

  2. You are all just beaming with love!