Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hong Kong

We got here late last night. As soon we walked off the airplane there were people in face masks waiting with digital thermometers. Of course, they took Oliver's temperature. He was so sweaty because he insisted on wearing his sweatshirt and having two blankets on the plane that barely had air conditioning. It was so strange. They didn't even ask. They just walked up to him and swiped his forehead. Oliver said hey why did they do that. I wonder why they picked him. Our sweaty little guy. Hong Kong is really neat looking, especially at night. We are completely messed up with the time difference. We were up early and now fighting to stay awake. It's really hot and humid. Oliver said the air felt weird and we should go back into the hotel. We did some sight seeing. Swam at the pool. Ate delicious food and Anthony is having a suit made. They have this rubber duck art thing going on. It's kind of like the cow parade in NYC. Tomorrow we take the train to Guangzhou. I'm not sure why the pictures are loading in the middle of sentences, but I'm too tired to try to figure it out and honestly even if I wasn't tired I couldn't figure it out anyway.

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  1. I just read about that art exhibit with the ducks. There was a gigantic one in the harbor but it deflated. Glad you've arrived safely and will get to see Hannah soon.

    Lisa --